Saturday, March 22, 2008

Human Bones

Did you know that human bones have a compressive strength greater that reinforced concrete or marble? The secret is calcium (which is actually metal) that is compounded with phosphorous and oxygen into a concrete like material.

Margarine vs. Butter

Did you know that Margarine is better to eat everyday than butter? Margarine is much lower in saturated fat which is the root of many diet-related health problems. But tell you, eating too much of it is also not good.


Did you know that your mouth is home of 10 billion bacteria?belonging to about a hundred species? Bacteria, by the way, smell and their body odors are a person's bad breath. If you smell like having one, just think of the quality of bacteria dancing in your mouth!

Whale Sharks

Did you know that Whale Sharks have over 3,000 teeth? If you happen to see one, don't ever dare wave your hand near specially if it's mouth is open.

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